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Brutus – Wandering Blind (Svart)

Retrosexual. How is that not a name yet? It could describe someone of any gender or sexuality who gets their rocks off by living with both bellbottom enclosed ankles in the period between 1968 and 1973. My sweet riff lord… Continue Reading →

Church of Void – Dead Rising (Svart)

Svart is a small Finnish label, that despite being independent, and from a country with a small population, is managing to produce some excellent albums of late.  Even searching just the website you’re currently reading (go on, use the little… Continue Reading →

Scorpion Child – ST (Nuclear Blast)

Damn me, but there must be something retro in the air these last 12 months or so.  Whilst the popular ‘metal’ press are continuing to push the latest pop punk puppets and kerrapp neck tattooed shouters with exotically styled heads… Continue Reading →

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