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Tronos – Celestial Mechanics (Century Media)

Well, the premise of this album seemed too good to pass up. I’m a fan of Shane Embury – though trying to keep up with his dizzying array of bands can be difficult. This is his latest collaboration, a star-studded… Continue Reading →

End Christian – Bach part One (Translation Loss / Internet & Weed / Corpse Flower Records)

Trip Hop is a funny beast. As sludge is to NOLA the heady mix of rhythmic dance, hip hop and electronica slithered from Bristol in the 90’s. How strange to hear it’s influence so heavy in End Christian. This is… Continue Reading →

FUBAR – Weltschmerz (F.D.A Rekotz)

FUBAR are a quintet from Southern Netherlands and make the kind of rampant spiky Grindcore that makes you want to pick up a spray can, or a book and make a difference. The title “Weltschmerz” is a German work meaning… Continue Reading →

Lock-Up – Demonization (Listenable)

The grindcore supergroup of intense proportions is back once again and they aren’t fucking around with this release. This of course is perfect considering their current touring schedule which includes Napalm Death, Power Trip and Brujeria!!! With Shane Embury and… Continue Reading →

Stench Price – S/T (Transcending Obscurity)

Avant-Garde Grind-Death…. Those are words I never imagined to see describing the sound of a band, but Stench Price have now brought that into the realms of reality. A truly international super-group of sorts, based out of Siberia for where… Continue Reading →

Piss Vortex – Future Cancer (Indisciplinarian)

After reviewing the last offering from Danish grinders Piss Vortex I said I wouldn’t be playing it again in a hurry as it fair did my head in. With a new EP landing in my inbox I did go back… Continue Reading →

Venomous Concept – Kick Me Silly – VCIII (Season Of Mist)

If ever there was a grind super-group then Venomous Concept are it! Kevin Sharp, Dan Lilker, Shane Embury, Danny Herrera.  These fella’s musical pedigrees  are immense and, joining these heavy hitters on this, their third LP is John Cooke (Corrupt… Continue Reading →

Temples Festival – Bristol Motion 2/5/14

Being only half on duty this is more a snapshot than detailed band by band review but hopefully it will give you a flavour of the fun we all had. The festival itself deserves a review too though as it… Continue Reading →

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