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Interview – A Pale Horse Named Death

A Pale Horse Named Death are a five piece who are currently leading the charge for accessible, powerful and melancholic doom. Heavily influenced by the legendary Type O Negative, a band which Sal Abruscato was a founding member of, and… Continue Reading →

Silvertomb – Edge Of Existence (Long Branch Records)

After 2007’s ‘Dead Again’, Type O Negative were supposed to be set to follow up their first SPV release when the tragic passing of Pete Steele occurred. It was during the time between the end of the Dead Again touring… Continue Reading →

A Pale Horse Named Death – When The World Becomes Undone (Long Branch Records)

Normally you would associate anything musical hailing from Brooklyn to be of the hardcore variety, but there is a darker, heavier and suffocating presence which lurks in the depths of it. Originally, this beast was Type O Negative, but since… Continue Reading →

Clouds Taste Satanic – Dawn Of The Satanic Age (Kinda Like Music)

For three straight years now, Brooklyn based instrumental doomsters Clouds Taste Satanic have been producing an album a year, the quality of which has just continued to improve. 2014 saw ‘To Sleep Beyond The Stars’ with its single epic track… Continue Reading →

The Golden Grass – Coming Back Again (Listenable)

It seems that the push for retro rock is continuing unabated, and I am personally looking forward with great anticipation to new releases this year from Blues Pills and Scorpion Child, acts that in years gone by have both ridden… Continue Reading →

Mortals – Cursed To See The Future (Relapse)

Cursed To See The Future is the US Brooklyn trio’s sophomore full length and I think the word ‘monumental’ was probably invented for it. Six tracks in about fifty minutes is a formidable proposition, especially when it’s built of huge… Continue Reading →

High On Fire – Spitting Fire Live (Century Media)

As a band that relies on their music might alone, Oakland, CA’s own force of nature, High On Fire, have to be one of the most entertaining live trios out there. There’s no gimmicky crowd interaction, fancy lighting rigs or… Continue Reading →

A Pale Horse Named Death & Blood Runs Deep at The London Borderline 27/01/12

Having caught the excellent Seventh Void on their first trip over to the UK it would have been rude not to have also gone and given A Pale Horse Named Death a watch too. The bands are linked by the… Continue Reading →

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