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Birdeatsbaby – The World Conspires (DR Music)

Brighton band Birdeatsbaby dip their toes in our world rather than being the sort of band we would normally look at but then again, they co-exist in many musical universes. One only has to look at a recent covers album… Continue Reading →

Furia, Au Dessus & Solleme – London Nambucca 6/12/18

Plenty of gigs on in town yet again tonight, heavyweight thrash titans Exodus with Sodom and Death Angel having a Headbangers Ball as well as memories being invoked by Clawfinger. It’s off down the Holloway Road for us black clad… Continue Reading →

King Goat – Debt of Aeons (Aural Music)

Since 2012 and the departure of Robert Lowe, Candlemass have only released a single EP, albeit rumours abound of new work linked to some game or the other; well, what does that have to do with new release by Brighton’s… Continue Reading →

Kalloused – Damn You Believer (Third I Rex)

All roads point to oblivion. This EP from Kalloused covers blackness from every stylistic angle. The first of these six dark pieces starts in measured fashion with a post apocalyptic sound. It’s haunting. There are distant cries and sound effects…. Continue Reading →

King Goat – Conduit (S/R)

King Goat? I’d heard a bit about these chaps from Brighton on Social Media, where they had been getting some rave reviews of late, and so when thee Editor placed this platter up for grabs, I thought I would see… Continue Reading →

Birdeatsbaby – The Bullet Within (Dead Round Eyes)

Subconsciously knowing that this was next on my review pile I had a really strange dream last night involving birds trying to eat babies. I guess looking at the band name one assumes that it is a human baby being… Continue Reading →

Diagonal – The Second Mechanism (Rise Above)

Diagonal released a self-titled album in 2008. Then after a gap and line-up changes, the new Diagonal emerged. This Brighton-based prog band is responsible for “The Second Mechanism” and let me tell you, it is as full of ideas and… Continue Reading →

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