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Brian Eno

Eternal Rot- Cadaverine (Godz Ov War)

All Metal genres are brutally saturated with material, from good to bad, for better or for worse. But with each good and each bad sub-genre there is an undying dedicated fan base. If you wanted to you could listen to… Continue Reading →

Iskandr – Euprosopon (Eisenwald)

Black Metal, the header to a never-dwindling, ever-expanding stream of sub-genres for better or for worse. Being the tag fiend that I am I very much enjoy ticking all the genre boxes, much to the dismay of my itunes library… Continue Reading →

Chester Hawkins – Natural Causes (Intangible Arts)

This is the strangest thing to turn up in a while here and was kindly sent in on vinyl and described as “a bit of soundtracky electric noises for possible review.” Composer Chester Hawkins is from Washington DC and has… Continue Reading →

The Ruins Of Beverast -Blood Vaults – The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer (Cryptae Sanguinum – Evangelium Flagrans Henrici Institoris) (Van)

Formed in 2003 by one Meilenwald the drummer of Nagelfar, The Ruins Of Beverast seem to be more obscure than I had thought judging by a few reactions which actually gave me a little pause for thought. The Ruins are,… Continue Reading →

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