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Morbid Evils – Deceases (Svart)

Last time I heard Keijo Niinimaa he was assaulting (in a pleasurable way) my ears with Rotten Sound. IF I am honest they were the band that opened the door back up to Grind for me, a door that had… Continue Reading →

Boris – Dear (Sargent House)

With a discography that spans 87 releases across 25 years, Japan’s Boris are currently one of the most prolific hard working bands within noise rock, reaching an international audience and standing alongside underground heavyweights such as Sunn O))) and Earth…. Continue Reading →

ówt krì – Pilgrimage (Erototox Decodings)

I have two confessions to make before I outline my thoughts on this latest work of avant-garde dark ambient soundscapes from ówt krì. The first is that I know its creator Kenneth, who as well as being a seriously imaginative,… Continue Reading →

Sunn O))) – Kannon (Southern Lord)

Cast your mind back to 1999, Sun O))) were just starting out and providing titanic sonic vibrations that represented the framework of what makes a brilliant doom song – think along the lines of OM and Earth, with the riffs… Continue Reading →

Wolvserpent – Perigaea Antahkarnah (Relapse)

Some big words from Relapse on the latest release from this US-based duo here, Wolvserpent’s compositions apparently ‘gracefully wend their way through the valleys of death, drone, black metal, doom and chamber music and arrive triumphantly on foreign shores… to… Continue Reading →

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