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Borgne – 8 (Avantgarde Music)

Firstly let’s get this out the way regarding the album title which is actually “∞” 8 is not only a number but a symbol, symbol of infinity,.” Putting it as illustrated properly is gonna screw up with the WordPress URL,… Continue Reading →

Chaos Invocation – Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond (WTC Productions)

This is the German black metal band’s third full album release. “Sinuous and serpentine black metal” is what we’re told to expect. Violence and rawness are what struck me about this work. I liked the old school style, which is… Continue Reading →

Cryfemal – D6S6nti6rro (Osmose)

Heading up this outfit is the prolific Ebola whose contagion has mutated through various other bands as Cryfemal itself arose from Agaliareth pre new millennium. Since that time there have been six albums plus various splits and EPs during the… Continue Reading →

Enoid – Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments (Satanath Records)

Apparently French is one of the four official languages of Switzerland and the Romand language or français de Suisse is spoken largely in the Arc Lémanique region in the Western part of the country. This fact and the disc in… Continue Reading →

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