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Weed Demon – Astrological Passages (Electric Valley Records)

“Hey you! Does your driveway suffer from damaging foliage growth? Is your lawn marred by unsightly dandelions? Well worry no more, and see them off with Ohio’s own Weed Demon. A single application of of their patented ‘Astrological Passages’ brand… Continue Reading →

Canyon of The Skull – S/T (S/R)

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Canyon of The Skull are a stoner doom two piece, featuring Adrian Voorhies (anyone else think this is a kickass surname? Maybe he plays in a hockey mask…) on drums and Erik Ogershok on guitar. This… Continue Reading →

Nomad / Wort – Split (Red Valley)

“The music scene is dying!” is a gripe that’s often heard from many a jaded music fan – you know the ones; they go to big arena concerts, organised by faceless promoters and don’t bat an eye at paying £6+… Continue Reading →

Mudbath – Corrado Zeller (Lost Pilgrims)

French four-piece Mudbath, aside from an EP released back in 2012, are relatively unheard of. Debut LP ‘Corrado Zeller’comprises 36 minutes, spanning three tracks; however, most important of all about this record is that it was mastered at Boiler Room… Continue Reading →

11 Paranoias – Stealing Fire From Heaven (Ritual Productions)

11 Paranoia’s are an interesting bunch. Relying solely on improvisation and stream of consciousness/heat of the moment song writing, the seriously psychedelic, fuzzed out doom trio have carved out a unique sound and approach to their craft and the result… Continue Reading →

Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend (Neurot Recordings)

Doom is one of the few metal subgenres that are genuinely timeless; the pioneers that first started the genre, Black Sabbath and Pentagram, are still just as essential today as they were all those decades ago when they first started… Continue Reading →

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