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Blues Pills

The Black Wizards – Reflections (Kozmic Artifactz / Raging Planet)

Damn this modern life for making me have to have a job to pay my bills! Why can’t I be like that Swedish chap who made the news a couple of years ago when he got state benefits to go… Continue Reading →

Children Of The Sün – Flowers (The Sign Records)

There’s a lot of retro “classic rock” around these days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I guess it’s more about the way it’s done. Sweden for some apparent reason seems to have been a hotbed… Continue Reading →

Lucifer- Lucifer II (Century Media)

Johanna Sadonis might best be described as dynamic. After abruptly leaving her former band, The Oath in 2014 she quickly moved towards creating Lucifer. No time or efforts were wasted as ex-Cathedral riff master Gaz Jennings came on board to… Continue Reading →

Blues Pills – Lady In Gold (Nuclear Blast)

Anyone who has been foolish enough to waste their precious time reading my ramblings over the last couple of years will know I’ve been a fan of Blues Pills from the get go, first catching them way down the bill… Continue Reading →

The Golden Grass – Coming Back Again (Listenable)

It seems that the push for retro rock is continuing unabated, and I am personally looking forward with great anticipation to new releases this year from Blues Pills and Scorpion Child, acts that in years gone by have both ridden… Continue Reading →

Holy Grove – S/T (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Formed in 2012, this release marks the eponymous debut album from the doom-friendly quartet from Portland, Oregon. Sounding like a mind-meld between the cauldron-staring Black Pyramid, the dynamic Blues Pills, and the fantasy riff-chucking of The Sword, Holy Grove’s self-titled… Continue Reading →

Live Albums – Blues Pills v Zodiac (Nuclear Blast / Napalm Records)

This week sees blues rock aficionados Zodiac and Blues Pills both release an album of live material. The former have their Road Tapes, Vol. 1 for sale whilst Blues Pills have the simply-named Blues Pills Live for your delectation. If you… Continue Reading →

Blues Pills – S/T (Nuclear Blast)

If you’ve either followed this site, or for some unknown reason followed my mad ramblings, you’ll be well aware of the massive regard I hold for Blues Pills, having previously given glowing reviews for their EPs ‘Devil Man’ and ‘Live… Continue Reading →

Blues Pills – Live At Rockpalast (Nuclear Blast)

If you want to know my initial opinion of Blues Pills, first check out my review of their earlier EP ‘Devil Man’ at http://www.avenoctum.com/2013/10/blues-pills-devil-man-nuclear-blast/ . At that time, I’d yet to catch them on stage, and was slightly worried that… Continue Reading →

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