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Cunts – S/T (Ipecac)

Nothing in rock truly shocks anymore; been there, seen it all over the years. That doesn’t make it any of the less cringeworthy at times though and I must admit when the digital promo for this hit my inbox, I… Continue Reading →

Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard – Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll (Napalm)

With a moniker that sounds like a collaboration between the Discovery Channel and SyFy come these rock and roll outlaws from Melbourne.  Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll like the band name is a mish-mash of styles.  J Fuller from Blood Duster… Continue Reading →

Interview – KING

Australian band KING are all set to make a massive name for themselves, with the release of their debut album ‘Reclaim The Darkness’ through Indie Recordings. A huge, riffed-up celebration of the universe and the wonders around us, that’s as… Continue Reading →

The Senseless – The Floating World (SR)

Aha Mr Bean is back, nope not that one that would be silly! Not the one what got his head lopped off in Game Of Thrones either (and if that’s a spoiler, you are way behind). Nope we are talking… Continue Reading →

King Parrot – Bite Your Head Off (Candlelight)

Candlelight continue their broad genre ranging signings, this time with a blizzard from Oz with links to Blood Duster amongst others so I guessed we weren’t going to be talking gothic metal. Nope, with a charmingly impossible cover, this is… Continue Reading →

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