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Wind Rose – Stonehymn (Inner Wound)

When you see the cover, clock the image of the band and hear the intro you just know you’re in for a hefty slab of mighty Viking Metal from…errr…Italy. OK, well Italy isn’t hugely known for it’s Viking Metal (I… Continue Reading →

Temptation’s Wings – Skulthor Ebonblade (S/R)

Accompanied as it was by one of the politest written requests for review it’s ever been my joy to receive, North Carolina’s own Temptation’s Wings are a band I’d never heard of but are one that immediately intrigued me, the… Continue Reading →

Seven Kingdoms – Decennium (Napalm)

Formed back in 2007, this is actually Seven Kingdoms’ 4th full length album and their third with the stable line-up fronted by vocalist Sabrina Valentine. This is the band’s first release on Napalm – the band used Kickstarter to raise… Continue Reading →

Ayreon – The Source (Music Theories Recordings)

It’s a bit of a thankless task reviewing a new Ayreon album. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a joy to hear but…what do you say? Arjen Lucassen puts so much info out there pre-release that all the Ayreon fans… Continue Reading →

Holy Martyr – Darkness Shall Prevail (Dragonheart Records)

Another year arrives bring the arrival of another metal scene being hastily revived from the past like some tattered denim wearing corpse. With the possible exception of the 60s psychedelic doom of Jex Thoth and Blood Ceremony, I’ve yet to… Continue Reading →

Hammerfall – Built To Last (Napalm)

As summer ends and winter looms on the horizon, the clichéd view to take is that the later months of the year are ripe for the Northern European stongholds of music to flex their worth, given how in places, it’s… Continue Reading →

Infinite Spectrum – Haunter of the Dark (Sensory)

Before getting onto the music, there are several things that need explaining for the uninitiated. Firstly, H.P. Lovecraft; this man is considered by many to be the father of modern horror. Often imitated and frequently referenced, not least by Stephen… Continue Reading →

Iron Savior – Titancraft (AFM)

Well, Iron Savior have been exposed to a level of criticism that many of the other bands I have reviewed haven’t experienced. See, I’ve been listening to this at home, whereas many of the other albums I listen to bounce… Continue Reading →

Sinbreed – Master Creator (AFM)

Re-reading my gushing review of Sinbreed’s previous release “Shadows”, it seems I did get rather enthusiastic about the whole thing, and to be honest time has not dulled the enjoyment that I found when discovering this full-on Power/Speed Metal band… Continue Reading →

Necronomicon – Pathfinder… Between Heaven And Hell (Trollzorn)

Klatuu… Barata…. Necktie!!! Oh shit, wrong reference! Necronomicon are one of those cult German thrash come heavy Euro metal bands who seem to have been around forever but unless you do some real digging, the casual listener to the Teutonic… Continue Reading →

My Refuge – A Matter Of Supremacy (Bakerteam Records)

My Refuge have a record deal and an album out! After favourably reviewing their self-financed EP in 2013 it appears sanity has prevailed and someone has signed them up for their debut full length album…and here it is! Largely based… Continue Reading →

Distant Sun – Dark Matter (Metalism Records)

Distant Sun are a three piece from Moscow, Russia. Playing a brand of metal which could best be described as one part power metal to one part speed metal and one part thrash, the band has a heavier take on… Continue Reading →

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