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Tanith – In Another Time (Metal Blade)

Certainly an apt album title! Tanith are really going for that “In Another Time” vibe (man…), and there is plenty about their sound that is indeed from another era. They are certainly not your usual Metal Blade type band (a… Continue Reading →

Satan – Cruel Magic (Metal Blade)

So, who is Satan? According to the more religious, he would be the Judaeo-Christian bogey-man of old. To those metal fans who like their band logos to be unreadable, he is the target of worship for assorted acts clad in… Continue Reading →

Skyclad – Forward Into The Past (Listenable)

It was a day of Skycladian surprises when this one arrived for review the other day. There’s the ever-recurring disbelief I have when I see how many years a band have been going whose debut I went out and bought… Continue Reading →

Satan – Atom By Atom (Listenable)

NWOBHM was never meant to be this good right? Satan’s last album ‘Life Sentence’ stormed into many minds and received rave reviews. The pattern continues with ‘Atom By Atom’ and there are a few things that surprise, this is a… Continue Reading →

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