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Hibernal – Replacements (S/R)

Hibernal is quite a unique outfit: a one-man progressive music machine from Brisbane with a serious interest in thought-provoking sci-fi themes. My opening line will probably put off quite a few of those who just want a heavy, rocking album…. Continue Reading →

The Vineyard – James Hong (Arrow)

We all have our horror stories involving wine right? I know I do. There was that time when…. yeah actually best not to share that one right here. How about horror films about wine though, that puts a whole new… Continue Reading →

AtomA – Skylight (Napalm Records)

Imagine if you will, a time where Planet Earth has become inhospitable. Not a massive leap is it? Quite frankly I’ve been looking for another planet that would sustain life ever since some bright spark decided to allow Simon Cowell… Continue Reading →

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