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Live Suffer Die – A Voice From Beyond Death (Moribund)

There’s no way of sugar-coating band names and song title in these dangerous times. It’s the nature of the beast and all we can really do is look upon things with a sense of gallows humour. Live Suffer Die were… Continue Reading →

Culted – Vespertina Synaxis: A Prayer for Union & Emptiness (Season Of Mist)

Apparently, the four band members of Culted, though they’ve been a band for about ten years now, have never been in a room together. Three of the band members are at home in the Canadian prairies, while one of them… Continue Reading →

Nortt – Endelight (Avantgarde Music)

It seems that this year there has been no shortage of kvlt edge-lords thinking it is clever releasing albums over the festering period. It’s not like most of them will find their way into the few remaining record shops around… Continue Reading →

Deinonychus – Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide (My Kingdom Music)

What a delightful album title, fair warms the cockles and caresses the soul. Well at least someone looking to buy a loved one a present this festering season can’t be excused for making a mistake and it could be given… Continue Reading →

Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones (Godz ov War)

Top marks to Loathfinder (no I’ve no idea what a Loath is or where to find one) for clocking in at full ambitious tilt on their first outing. The Great Tired Ones are a total mystery to me too, by… Continue Reading →

Unearthly Trance – Stalking The Ghost (Relapse)

It’s been a while. Six years since their last full length and ten since I last crossed paths with Unearthly Trance. As my losing touch was accidental (money, time, health) rather than deliberate it’s good to know where they are… Continue Reading →

Kalloused – Damn You Believer (Third I Rex)

All roads point to oblivion. This EP from Kalloused covers blackness from every stylistic angle. The first of these six dark pieces starts in measured fashion with a post apocalyptic sound. It’s haunting. There are distant cries and sound effects…. Continue Reading →

Eerie – S/T (Tee Pee Records)

Don’t be tricked by the cover. Or maybe I’d better say don’t be put off by the cover. Despite appearances, Eerie is no Toxic Avenger worshipping, zombie-obsessed, disposable thrash metal band. Maybe it works with the music on some level… Continue Reading →

Earth Ship – Hollowed (Napalm)

Berlin’s Earth Ship are a band that crosses genres. Depending on your state of mind when you press play, you’ll hear something different each and every time. Firing out two parts doom and one part southern metal, Earth Ship have… Continue Reading →

Nightfell – Darkness Evermore (20 Buck Spin)

Having fallen into the gloomy pit of Nightfell’s first collection of post-apocalyptic dirges last year I was looking forward to having my hopes and dreams dashed against their gigantic riffs and off-beat melodies for a second time. While I wouldn’t… Continue Reading →

Creeping – Revenant (Iron Bonehead)

Purveyors of blackened doom since 2004, New Zealand’s Creeping come in to ‘Revenant’ with two well reviewed albums already under their collective belt. Now signed to Iron Bonehead for the vinyl release (Daemon Worship for the CD) of their latest… Continue Reading →

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