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Whore of Bethlehem – Upon Judas’ Throne (S/R)

Forming in 2009, this is the debut album from Texas’ Whore of Bethlehem, a band who very quickly enraptured me with their high quality musical output. The first thing which surprised me was that I was expecting something which sat… Continue Reading →

Behemoth – The Satanist (Nuclear Blast)

It was inevitable that a band like Behemoth would eventually burst its way out of the underground, eyes filled with blackness and balled fists busting with energy and lightning. Front man Nergal has, clearly, forever had big ideas beyond even… Continue Reading →

Necronomicon – Rise of the Elder Ones (Season of Mist)

Canadians Necronomicon have been doing the rounds of the blackened death metal scene for quite some time now, in fact they formed back in 1988. ‘Rise of the Elder Ones’ is their fourth full length studio album, and continuing their… Continue Reading →

Acolyte – Alta (Mordgrimm)

Although I know the Manchester area, I don’t come from round there so I haven’t had the pleasure of encountering Acolyte. And listening to the dark and fiery “Alta”, their debut album, is a pleasure. The first thing to commend… Continue Reading →

Tribulation – The Formulas of Death (Invictus/Ajna Offensive)

When our editor offered me this for review I expected a fairly straight-forward case. Having read the name Tribulation in the context of new old-school death metal a few years back, surely a blast of stinking death was going to… Continue Reading →

Stortregn – Uncreation (Great Dane Records)

Whilst Stortregn hail from Geneva, Switzerland, the sound they produce would suggest anything but, delivering as they do a pounding, rasping slab of icy black death; but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Despite forming in 2005, they have not… Continue Reading →

Hell United – Aura Damage (Hellthrasher Productions)

My immediate reaction on hearing this album, the second by Hell United, is that it is the essence of Polish blackened death metal. It has all the qualities – all-enveloping, heavy, dark, relentless and technical. No quarter is given. “Red… Continue Reading →

Hrafnblóð – Heathen Psalms (Wodfreca Records)

I admit to having severe cynicism for one man (or woman) metal projects, as it conjures up images of desperate teenage angst ridden isolationists spreading themselves far too thinly without actually mastering one particular instrument and do it full justice… Continue Reading →

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