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Dunbarrow – II (Riding Easy Records)

Here’s a novelty, a band that isn’t from Sweden. Okay, they’re in the same general geographic area, calling Norway home, but unlike many from that fine nation they don’t don the corpse paint and scream, rather they ply their trade… Continue Reading →

Mist – Free Me of the Sun (Soulseller)

Ljubljana in Slovenia is not a city that springs to mind when it comes to Doom. In fact the only reason I have heard of this capital is because Laibach erupted from there decades ago. Unlike their fellow country folk… Continue Reading →

Heavy Temple – Chassit (Van Records)

There’s so much good music in the world, gems hidden in a sea of the bland and the bilious, and too little time to go looking for it (“first world problem”, as I believe the youngsters like to say.), which… Continue Reading →

Season of Arrows – Give it to the Mountain (Argonauta Records)

Whilst not the biggest of labels out there, Argonauta Records has delivered some real treats over the last couple of years that still manage to get regular plays here at Chez Spenny, no mean feat when I look at the… Continue Reading →

Blood Ceremony – Lord Of Misrule (Rise Above)

It’s been three years since Canadian’s Blood Ceremony draped us in their rich and Eldritch Darkness and time has been spent constructing a new album that has plenty going on in it both musically and thematically. Delving into esoteric and… Continue Reading →

Burning Saviours – Boken Om Forbannelsen (IHate)

Those parts of continental Europe closer to the Arctic circle seem to have an ability to throw out class band after class band, particularly in the fields of hard rock and metal that are so close to my heart, and… Continue Reading →

Noctum – Final Sacrifice (Metal Blade)

Another new album, and another band I’ve never heard of, although each and every track on Noctum’s Metal Blade début ‘Final Sacrifice’ tells of classic metal and hard rock influences. Hailing from Sweden, home of so much excellent metal and… Continue Reading →

The (Original) Iron Maiden – Maiden Voyage (Rise Above Relics)

Before Steve Harris formed arguably the biggest heavy metal band on the planet, Iron Maiden existed as a completely different band. Formed in Basildon,Essex, these chaps were inspired by the likes of Cream, until Led Zeppelin caught their eye that… Continue Reading →

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