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Profeci – Matecznik (Godz Ov War Productions)

The Black metal world is under a Polish onslaught at the moment with elite heavy hitters such as Behemoth, Batushka and MGLA all bringing their own brands of technical, precise, malevolent, and mechanical brilliance to the party. So, when I… Continue Reading →

Cryfemal – Eterna Oscuridad (Immortal Frost Productions)

Wow is it really four years since Ebola and drummer Bornyhake Ormenos poured their insatiable scorn on the earth with 2016’s ‘D6s6nti6rro’, an album I reviewed for Ave Noctum here. Indeed it’s hard to believe that they could even match… Continue Reading →

Dauþuz – Grubenfall 1727 (Amor Fati Productions)

After three full length albums since their 2016 inception, this German duo appear to be taking a breather by only releasing an EP this year. Don’t be fooled though, the three tracks here clock in at nearly 35 minutes. Thematically, Dauþuz… Continue Reading →

Förgjord – Laulu Kuolemasta (Werewolf Records)

Black Metal is very much a seasonal thing for me, I’m that sad act who ‘prefers it in the winter’. That said I kind of feel that those foundations have been shaken in the last few weeks. What with the… Continue Reading →

Dismalimerence – Tome: 1 (Transcending Records)

Can black metal be romantic? Dismalimerence form Chicago, Illinois, are saying that it can and they are doing a pretty good job at showing us how. From the band name to the album’s subject, the artwork and the music, their… Continue Reading →

Thecodontion – Supercontinent (I, Voidhanger)

I can’t tell you how much trouble I’ve had in writing this band’s name down. I keep defaulting to The Condition. By way of information, Thecodontion – I’m resorting to cutting and pasting now – come from Italy, and this… Continue Reading →

Irae – Lurking In The Depths (Signal Rex)

Satan wept, lurking maybe but in typical one-man BM fashion Vulturius has been pumping out releases since 2002. There are somewhere in the region of 36 listed on Metal Archives and he has also been involved in no shortage of… Continue Reading →

Acherontas – Psychic Death – The Shattering Of Perceptions (Agonia)

Stalwarts of mysticism and Hellenic blackness Acherontas should really need no introduction to the initiated. Led with unswerving passion by V Priest since formation in 2007 they have a plethora of releases to their name and ‘Psychic Death’ sees them… Continue Reading →

Gloom – Rider Of The Last Light (Spread Evil Productions)

Including members of Nekrokrist SS (apparently not political) this is a debut and its country of origin couldn’t be in doubt. Beginning with a gunshot in ‘Bleed’ we are flung straight into a Finnish whirlwind of tumultuous riffing and that… Continue Reading →

AlNamrood – Wala’at (Shaytan Productions)

This appears to be the seventh album by the Saudi Arabian trio, which was formed in 2008. and while early albums focused on ancient Babylon, newer material is more topical and related to the Arabian Occult and entire Peninsula. Stylistically… Continue Reading →

Vspolokh – Pomre (Purity Through Fire)

Perhaps an unfamiliar name to most, Russian black metal outfit Vspolokh have been around since 2004. Their debut album was released in 2010, with the intervening decade leading to this sophomore punctuated by a handful of split releases. Google insists… Continue Reading →

Fellwarden – Wreathed In Mourncloud (Eisenwald)

To say Fellwarden’s first release, Oathbearer, rarely strays from my playlist even after three years should tell you the esteem I hold this musical vision in. A project of The Watcher from lauded innovators Fen, with help from his Fen… Continue Reading →

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