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Minas Morgul – Kult (Trollzorn)

German black metal tends to conjure up the same common denominators in the form of Endstille, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Nargaroth and Black Messiah et al, but there is a new addition to add to this commonly perceived saturated genre, and… Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – The Venue, Selby, 21-23/9/17 Part 3

Saturday 23/9  Well it was always going to be touch and go as to whether we got into town early enough to see Stonebearer, but we had to eat so sadly missed them. We did see Bristol band Mordrake though…. Continue Reading →

Black Messiah – Walls Of Vanaheim (Trollzorn)

Black Messiah are no strangers to the Metal scene and with their seventh studio release this most Nordic of German Metal bands continues it’s epic story with…an epic story! It’s a very involved piece of work all about Odin and… Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – York The Duchess 27-28/9/13

Friday 27/09/13 There can be few cities more appropriate to host a festival of predominantly pagan/Viking metal than the place that previously was named Jorvik (and before that Eboracum), and there it’s a beautiful bright day to greet us too…. Continue Reading →

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