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Mondo Generator – Fuck It (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Fans of Mondo Generator must be salivating at the release of this album. Eight long years have passed since Nick Oliveri’s wrecking crew last unleashed their own brand of havoc. Not that the ex-Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age… Continue Reading →

R.I.P. – Street Reaper (Riding Easy Records)

“It’s early 2017, and time for more doom.” What is that a quote from, I metaphorically hear you ask? Well, it’s the opening line for my January review of R.I.P.’s first album of 2017, in fact their first album, ‘In… Continue Reading →

30,000 Monkies – I Ate Myself To Grow Twice As Big (Consouling Sounds)

Belgian noisemakers, 30,000 Monkies are an interesting bunch. “I Ate Myself To Grow Twice As Big” is the band’s first full length outing following on from two EP’s. This is a curious mix of punkish attitude, doom and stoner riffs… Continue Reading →

Limb – Terminal (New Heavy Sounds)

If you were to play Limb’s sophomore record ‘Terminal’ straight after 2014’s self-titled debut, without knowing who they were, you’d probably assume you were listening to two completely different bands. This isn’t the case, however, it’s just the London four… Continue Reading →

Interview – All Pigs Must Die

Since signing to Southern Lord back in 2011 All Pigs Must Die have gone from strength to strength, with 2013’s ‘Nothing Violates This Nature’ gaining popularity of a monstrous magnitude. Housing members from the likes of Converge and The Hope… Continue Reading →

Prong – Songs From The Black Hole (SPV)

Not only have Prong always been steadfast and reliable but of late they have been on fire. They played one of the most energetic and snappy sets of Bloodstock last year and last album ‘Ruining Lives’ cracked skulls and grooved… Continue Reading →

American Heritage – Prolapse (Solar Flare)

For the past 18 years American Heritage have been a storm raging in the underground. What began as a techy instrumental math influenced musical endeavour has flourished over time into sludgy, punk infused metal that lazier people may resign to… Continue Reading →

Transmaniacon – The Darkening Plain (New Heavy Sounds)

In case you weren’t already aware, ‘Transmaniacon’ is a track from Blue Oyster Cult. Frankly, a band taking inspiration from these guys is a breath of fresh air in a generation where everyone cites Black Sabbath as their reason for… Continue Reading →

Birth A.D. – I Blame You (Metal Age)

It’s often rather cool when you get band members doing something a bit different from their day job. Think about all those grizzled extreme metal heads who decide deep down that they just want to strip things back and rawk… Continue Reading →

D.O.A. – To Hell And Back (Wienerworld)

What do you do after pretty much founding ‘hardcore punk’ releasing stacks of albums and playing hundreds of shows over a career that spans close to 35 years? You wind down your outfit, play a last tour and go and… Continue Reading →

Violation Wound – S/T (Vic Records)

Not even a year after formation and Chris Reifert, he of Autopsy infamy, dons a guitar for this project of booze fuelled punk rock with subtle hints of metal on this debut full length. It can be dangerous to an… Continue Reading →

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