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Skogen – Skuggorna kallar (Nordvis)

The shadow is calling once more and I have encountered this brand of Nordic Darkness before and having used up translation clichés I best get down to things. It’s been four years since last album ‘I döden’ and this is… Continue Reading →

Entrails – Obliteration (Metal Blade)

Chainsaw ‘Boss HM-2’ pedal guitar sound? Frantic D-beat drums? Guttural vocals akin to Autopsy’s Chris Reifert vomiting up his own oesophagus? Yep, it’s old-school Swedish ‘dØdsmetal’ time it seems and Entrails are certainly unwavering in their commitment to sonic aesthetics… Continue Reading →

Entrails – Resurrected From The Grave – Demo Collection (Metal Blade)

As a music lover I’m always in two minds about ‘demo collections’. They fall into two categories generally, 1. Interesting curios from the formative years of bands that went on to be massive…(Mantas ‘Death By Metal’) 2. Unlistenable, badly recorded… Continue Reading →

Skogen – I Döden (Nordvis)

I really enjoyed the 2nd album by Swedish band Skogen (Forest) ‘Svitjod,’ released in 2011. It would appear that they sneaked a follow up completely under my radar called ‘Eld’ in 2012 and now proving that they work fairly rapidly… Continue Reading →

Entrails – Raging Death (Metal Blade)

A jump to a major label is something most bands dream of and with Entrails; I must admit I was rather surprised. However, after producing some great releases in the past I am pretty excited about this album, even though… Continue Reading →

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