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Infera Bruo – In Conjuration (Bindrune)

I’m all up for a bit of black metal that’s so cold feels like someone’s dropped an entire bag of ice cubes down your back and you’ve got your vest tucked into your underpants. So chilly, it hurts. But this… Continue Reading →

Alda – Passage (Bindrune)

When discussing Cascadian black metal Agalloch, Panopticon and Wolves in the Throne Room are names that are often brought up. Despite the aforementioned acts being the most notorious of the subgenre, there are others just as deserving of same esteem… Continue Reading →

Spectral Lore / Nachtreich– The Quivering Lights (Bindrune)

After giving Spectral Lore’s album ‘III’ the top spot in my end of year rankings for 2014, I was, as you might expect, pretty bloody delighted to hear recently that they were planning to release a split at some point… Continue Reading →

Blood Of The Black Owl – Light The Fires (Bindrune Recordings)

One thing you should be fully aware of before listening to this and anything from Washington natives Blood Of The Black Owl is that it will take you on a spiritual journey; Light The Fires is no exception. The second… Continue Reading →

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