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Buy Jupiter – Eclipse (Apathia Records)

Heavy, violent, technical … so begins this four track EP from French metallers Buy Jupiter. It may be trying to kill me with overpowering force, but it’s dynamic and I’m loving it. Djenty heavy tech death give way to a… Continue Reading →

Pain of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day (InsideOut)

Initially forming back in 1984 under the name ‘Reality’ before rebranding in 1991 and becoming Pain Of Salvation, this much revered institute of the northern reaches of Europe (Eskilstuna, Sweden) have managed to stay relevant and active in such a… Continue Reading →

Bombus – Repeat Until Death (Century Media)

With Sweden’s big, bad rockers now happily settled in at label giants Century Media, this new album of theirs is going to have to break the mould to impress. Can they create the kingmaker? Things are sounding good. What we… Continue Reading →

Intronaut – The Direction Of Last Things (Century Media)

Over their last three albums, post-proggers Intronaut have played things fast and loose. They are known for lurking between the dark polyrhythmic assault and vaulting angst of Periphery and the lighter, jazzier tendencies of Between The Buried And Me, but… Continue Reading →

Abnormal Thought Patterns – Altered States of Consciousness (Lifeforce)

The Tipton brothers, who I know for their involvement with Zero Hour and Cynthesis as well as their previous work with Abnormal Thought Patterns, have brought some friends along for their latest hyper technical prog adventure. Probably the most known… Continue Reading →

Trioscapes – Digital Dream Sequence (Metal Blade)

Jazz. The Fast Show taught us how to say it properly. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz. Smooooooooooth. I have been to a few jazz clubs in my time – nothing as trendy as Ronnie Scott’s – and tapped my foot to Dixieland, trad, bebop… Continue Reading →

The Room Colored Charlatan – Primitives (Subliminal Groove Records)

The story behind The Planet Of The Apes, a French novel by Pierre Boulle, was deemed great enough to warrant a movie of its own. That birthed a 70s franchise which then kicked off a comic book series, a TV… Continue Reading →

Trioscapes – Separate Realities (Metal Blade)

A brand spanking new band called Trioscapes has landed on my laptop, Experimental Jazz Fusion including a member of Between The Buried And Me? Well this is new! After only being together for just a year, the band are on… Continue Reading →

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