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Darktrance – Pessimum (Bad Mood Man)

Darktrance is the project of sole member Deimos (also of Cold Resistance and Dargoth), a Ukrainian dark metal band which was created in 2007. ‘Pessimum’ is the projects third album, purveying a twisted brand of doomy dark metal that brims… Continue Reading →

Chaos Invocation – Black Mirror Hours (World Terror Committee)

This bands debut, “In Bloodline With The Snake”, from 2009 was a worthy if predictable addition to the German black metal scene with harsh frostbitten rawness creating the purist view of black metal. Some four years later and we are… Continue Reading →

Porta Nigra – Fin de Siècle (Debemur Morti)

These eclectic Germans came up in a random conversation in a pub a month ago, piquing my interest, so when this album arrived on my desk it felt as if fate were intervening. Porta Nigra are one of those rare… Continue Reading →

Hellvetron – Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties (Hells Headbangers)

 I know that when I received this album to review that some of my colleagues at Ave Noctum refused to review it due to the duo who make up Hellvetron being affiliated with another active band called Nyogthaeblisz, whose background… Continue Reading →

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