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Blightmass – Severed From Your Soul (Great Dane Records)

It’s kinda fitting that this shall be my last review for the year. Granted the name of the band has naught to do with the current time of year or that there appears to be a blight of sense around… Continue Reading →

Benighted – Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master (Season Of Mist)

Some artists seem cursed to linger upon the precipice of success, the lustful ear of total domination is but a hair’s breadth away. How must it feel to be linked with this desperate struggle? I imagine it to be rather… Continue Reading →

Autokrator – Hammer of Heretics (Krucyator Productions)

What’s that racket? Oh yes, it must be the latest Autokrator release and boy have they turned things up a notch or two since last time round. When I say turned things up, of course, I don’t mean the bombastic… Continue Reading →

Azziard – Metempsychose (Malpermesita Records)

Pulling this CD out of its wrapping I remembered the band name and that this deathly black troop from France had struck me as slightly bonkers on last album ‘Vesanie’ in 2014. At the time they had been in the… Continue Reading →

Benighted – Necrobreed (Season Of Mist)

I do like Benighted, since 2000’s self-titled debut they’ve been cranking out some of the most effective and vicious death / grind around. 2014’s ‘Carnivore Sublime’ was a career high-point for me and an absolute stormer of a record. I’m… Continue Reading →

Netherbird – The Grander Voyage (Blacklodge)

A bit of a rare treat, this one, all be told. I am an owner of the first of their four albums, “The Ghost Collector”, having bought it, bizarrely enough, in a second hand store in rural Norfolk (go figure)…. Continue Reading →

The Black Dahlia Murder, Benighted, Ingested Manchester, Sound Control 21/1/16

The conscious decision to catch this tour in Manchester rather than Leeds was partly down to the inclusion of Ingested on the bill but also because I don’t particularly like the venue that this was to play in Leeds. A… Continue Reading →

Pitbulls in the Nursery- Equanimity (Klonosphere)

There is no genre quite so difficult to nail as Progressive Death Metal. There is a fine art to striking that perfect balance between thunderous, crushing grooves and keeping the listener perpetually wondering what they’re going to hear next. Thankfully,… Continue Reading →

Neurotic Death Fest – 013 Tilburg Holland – 17-19 April

On Friday 17th April, the world’s death metal community had the tattered old carpet whipped violently out from under its feet, as it was announced that the twelfth edition of the awesome Neurotic Deathfest festival that was about to commence… Continue Reading →

Recueil Morbide – Morbid Collection (Great Dane)

France. Not the first place to that leaps to mind when you think of brutal music. Not sure why though….. The French gave us some amazingly brutal movies like ‘Inside’, ‘Frontier(s)’, ‘Vivide’ & of course ‘Martyrs’….. but musically all that… Continue Reading →

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