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Memoriam- For The Fallen (Nuclear Blast)

…So, it’s finally arrived. I honestly can’t remember quite when I last looked forwards to an album this much. As a huge Bolt Thrower fan, I was left feeling pretty low when the war-obsessed crew decided to call it a… Continue Reading →

Anaal Nathrakh – The Whole Of The Law (Metal Blade)

If you have been following Anaal Nathrakh since their demo days and in more recent years putting yourself through the gruelling assault course of their live shows on a yearly basis you should know a few things. Firstly where their… Continue Reading →

Eteritus – Following the Ancient Path (Godz ov War)

This is old school death metal from Poland, using a similar font for their logo as Entombed and Fatalist, you kind of know what to expect on this debut album, but that’s just fine by me. There’s a cross between… Continue Reading →

Grotesque Ceremonium – Demonic Inquisition (Satanath)

This is a one man (Batu Çetin) project from Turkey, its old sounding death metal with a heavy bass presence which I find similar to the early DM scene, from all quarters of the world. For that I am thinking… Continue Reading →

Down Among The Dead Men – Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy! (Cyclone Empire)

Here’s a question you don’t often find yourself being asked at the beginning of an album review… you like Dr. Who? I do / did. It all sort of fizzled out for me during Peter Davidson’s tenure…..oh Tegan….. you saucy… Continue Reading →

Bone Gnawer – Cannibal Crematorium (Pulverised)

The names ‘Kam Lee’ & ‘Rogga Johansson’ crop up a lot in the death metal business. Both gents practically drip in death metal cred and when you see their names attached to a project it tends to be a guarantee… Continue Reading →

GhUSa – 25 Years of Death Metal (Great Dane)

GhUSa hail from France and have been treading the boards of the extreme metal underground since forming in 1989. However they only have one full length album to their name (2006’s ‘Letter to my Son’(s)’), and a number of Eps… Continue Reading →

Morbid Angel, Benediction, Unfathomable Ruination – London Islington Academy 12/12/2014

With doors opening at 6pm, it’s a mad rush from the office to Islington tonight and with such a strong line up, the disappointment of being late is looming over our heads as we rush up the underground escalators.  Unfortunately… Continue Reading →

Anaal Nathrakh – Desideratum (Metal Blade)

8 albums in and their first release for Metal Blade. Anyone expecting a diluting of Nathrakh’s  ‘pandemonic hyper-blast’ music is gonna be disappointed. Despite slowly evolving beyond the raw black metal of 2001’s  ‘The Codex Necro’ Anaal Nathrakh have hardly… Continue Reading →

Black Jesus – Everything Black…Everything Dead (Grindhead Records)

The fascination for technical death metal has become utterly tiresome, especially with the proliferation of bands who have taken the meaning of such to be to play as fast and as downtuned as possible whilst a guitarist performs some freestyle… Continue Reading →

Down Among The Dead Men – ST (Cyclone Empire)

The main dead men we are down amongst here are Dave ‘Bolt Thrower Benediction’ Ingram and Rogga ‘Paganizer, Ribspreader’, Johansson, ably abetted by fellow Paganizer and Ribspreader Dennis Blomberg and with studio drummer Erik R Bevenrud. And what might these… Continue Reading →

Nominon – The Cleansing (Deathgasm)

Oh dear. Not this again! Music that genuinely tickles… no, ravages… my fancy, but is ‘oh so very cumbersome’ to put into words without plummeting into a cesspit of extreme-metal-reviewers’ clichés and ostensibly lazy references. Let us begin by rehashing… Continue Reading →

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