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Dkharmakhaoz – Proclamation Ov The Black Suns (Iron Bonehead)

I’m soon to be moving house (not that you readers care) but with that move comes a dream of mine. Finally, I will have a music room! Somewhere to display all of my musical forages, and not only that somewhere… Continue Reading →

Mora Prokaza – By Chance (Season of Mist)

Bizarrely, avant-garde black metal meets New School Trap, or so the description goes. I had to look up Trap, and having done so I now understand it’s a form of hip hop. I didn’t know the band either, and it… Continue Reading →

Essence Of Datum – Spellcrying Machine (Season Of Mist)

Belarusian duo Essence Of Datum are the latest in a long line of progressive metal acts to release an album in 2019. They find themselves amongst the likes of Queensrÿche, Rendezvous Point, Ascend The Hollow, Mother Of Millions, Dream Theater… Continue Reading →

Pa Vesh En – Pyrefication (Iron Bonehead)

The opening track ‘…In The Ghostly Haze’ from this Belarusian band rolls into a bleak life like Skepticism meeting Nortt on a last frostbitten walk through the woods; crushingly downbeat, but like frost it forces open cracks you might not… Continue Reading →

Irreversible Mechanism – Immersion (Blood Music)

Belarusian outfit Irreversible Mechanism first turned heads in 2014, snapped up by boutique label Blood Music within twelve hours of debut album “Infinite Fields” being quietly launched on Bandcamp. A quick round of PR and some cool looking physical releases… Continue Reading →

VELD – S.I.N. (Listenable Records)

Spawned In Nothingness is the fourth album by this Belarussian trio, and it’s pretty straight forward, fast and extremely aggressive death metal, with a touch of atmospherics to keep it interesting. The intro “The Beginning of Madness” lulls you in… Continue Reading →

Raven Throne – I Miortvym Snicca Zolak (Non Serviam)

Belarus. Probably best known for its political system, this country has so much more to offer. Great cities, a beautiful countryside, massive potato consumption, amazing sausages and a rich cultural tradition, mainly in classical music, opera and ballet. When it… Continue Reading →

Ljosazabojstwa – Sychodžańnie (Hellthrasher)

We’re warned to prepare for a 32 minute descent to a bottomless pit. Having reviewed this Belarusian band’s 2016 demo “Staražytnaje licha”, I can believe that. Ominous gothic chimes set us on the evil path – nothing exceptional to be… Continue Reading →

Ljosazabojstwa – Staražytnaje licha (Hellthrasher)

I remember thinking when I first heard the old Polish metal band Christ Agony some years ago that it doesn’t get grimmer than this. This debut album from Belarusian band Ljosazabojstwa brought back that thought. “Staražytnaje licha” is more produced… Continue Reading →

Woe Unto Me – A Step Into The Waters Of Forgetfulness (Solitude)

I’ve yet to decide if the guys at Solitude Productions are a miserable bunch of bastards, or built with a psyche that is stronger than tempered steel. They’ve been responsible for releasing some of the most cripplingly bleak, depression inducing… Continue Reading →

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