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Pale Divine – Consequence of Time (Cruz Del Sur)

Maybe it’s a lockdown thing as self-confinement injects a mellowing effect on my musical pursuits… Maybe I’ve just been forced to soften the edges of my musical horizons to have any hope of playing heavy metal on the collective house… Continue Reading →

Pale Divine – S/T (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Veteran doom crew Pale Divine break a six year silence with this new, self titled LP. The Pennsylvania based band continue to remain true to their classic doom roots and the genre picking up where 2012’s “Painted Windows Black” left… Continue Reading →

Beelzefuzz – The Righteous Bloom (The Church Within)

With their eponymous 2013 debut, Beelzefuzz pretty much set the bar for what those who also set sail on the good ship retro rock would have to live up to; an album that was simultaneously cutting edge and timeless, it… Continue Reading →

Brimstone Coven – Black Magic (Metal Blade)

Brimstone Coven was not a band I was familiar with before receiving ‘Black Magic’, their second album and the first whilst signed to Metal Blade, but their sound was one that was instantly recognisable. From the first chord of the… Continue Reading →

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