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Death Angel – The Evil Divide (Nuclear Blast)

Well, another thrash album in what has been a promising spell of releases for the genre. Another unsung name and often overlooked thrash band from the 80’s who have a ferocious sound but because they aren’t in the big four,… Continue Reading →

Interview – Exodus

I was scheduled to interview Exodus on their second night at the Underworld, and it’s a jolly good thing too, as it transpired that they’d missed all the interviews the night before owing to being stuck in Calais when French… Continue Reading →

Survival – Shayda 1 (S/R)

Since the early 1990’s, the biggest challenge facing a new hardcore band is how to stand apart from every other hardcore band, how to be unique while retaining support of the scene. Bands remain true to the written formula, deviate… Continue Reading →

Death Angel – The Dream Calls For Blood (Nuclear Blast)

I’ll be the first to admit that their 2010 release passed me by completely unnoticed, which is strange as “Confused” is the reason that I listen to Bay Area Thrash in the first place. And if this album is anything… Continue Reading →

Mortal Infinity – District Destruction (Digital Media Records)

Mortal Infinity are German thrash but these are no Kreator or Destruction clones, these gents follow the hallowed path of the great Bay Area scene. Right from the start, there is a massive beefed up production and a vocal delivery… Continue Reading →

Destitution – The Human Error EP (SR)

This EP was apparently released in 2011 so has taken a fair bit of time to get to Ave Noctum. The first thing to note is the EP cover art work which depicts a fruit machine with the various symbolism… Continue Reading →

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