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Gutter Instinct – Heirs of Sisyphus (Pulverised Records)

I realised quite quickly that listening to this album from Sweden’s Gutter Instinct was a case of putting in the hard yards. This weighty death metal tome is, as they have it, “another morbid outlook on explicit realities”. It’s not… Continue Reading →

Thunderwar – Wolfpack (Lifeforce Records)

This 5 track EP is the third release by Polish quartet Thunderwar and its rapid no-nonsense songs get to the point with minimal fuss. Opening title track “Wolfpack” has Kamil “Madness” Mandes’s raspy vocals spat out over Paweł “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz’s… Continue Reading →

Provocator – Satan, Chaos, Blood And Terror (Moribund)

Recently I have found myself enamored by Bestial Black Metal or War Metal if you like. Raw untamed, relentless Black Metal with a heavy Death Metal influence taking inspiration from the beginnings of Extreme Metal with an excessive worship towards… Continue Reading →

Midnight – Sweet Death and Ecstasy (Hells Headbangers)

We know Midnight here, you know Midnight too. After raising their profile on their last studio album, mainman Athenar comes back with another sterling release, but with some more elements than I expected. First up is ‘Crushed by Demons’, which… Continue Reading →

Cloak – To Venomous Depths (Season of Mist)

Atlanta Georgia is not the first place one would think of when Blackened Death Rock is what is on the cards. However, Cloak hail form the Southern States and ply their trade in the same market as Watain and Tribulation…. Continue Reading →

Vassafor – Malediction (Iron Bonehead)

It’s funny but I’ve been listening to a lot of late eighties, early nineties stuff recently for the usual confluence of synchronicity reasons. I say funny, but it’s just that it put me in the right mindset to approach NZ… Continue Reading →

Affliktor – S/T (Transcending Obscurity)

The gifted, guitar wizardry of Toby Knapp returns with another project, Affliktor. Having reviewed his 2016 release for Waxen, the prospect of another dose of blackened thrash metal was both intriguing and exciting. Again, Knapp is the one man band;… Continue Reading →

Fornhem – Ett Fjarran Kall (Trollmusic)

Fornhem from Sweden have released their full length Debut “Ett Fjarran Kall” (A Call from Afar) and thus entered the Black/Folk fray.  With only four tracks and the album clocking in at 46 minutes this is an album to be… Continue Reading →

Poison Blood – S/T (Relapse Records)

Technology is a wonderful thing.  Connecting people around the globe in moments. Gone are the days of “Penbangers” in Metal Forces – waiting for those C90 tapes to arrive from the other side of the world – or up the… Continue Reading →

Urn – The Burning (Iron Bonehead Productions)

It’s been nine long years since ‘Soul Destroyers’, an album that was ok, I still think their debut ‘666 Megatons’ was bloody amazing black thrash…but in any case, the break has rejuvenated the band since their last recorded output. This… Continue Reading →

Vampire – With Primeval Force (Century Media)

Back with a new line up, the PR blurb goes on to say that the album is not just a follow up to their debut (with an EP in between of course), but an album that will redefine death metal… Continue Reading →

King of Asgard – :TAUDR: (Trollmusic)

Mjolby’s (Sweden) very own “King of Asgard” finally return, following their last album, 2014’s “Karg”. I was an admirer of their first couple of albums, but with “Karg”, I found that somehow the music wasn’t “clicking” with me as much… Continue Reading →

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