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Barshasketh – S/T (World Terror Committee)

Most genres I tend to revel in all year round no matter the weather or temperament. Yet there is one that speaks to me mainly in the cold and frostbitten months, Black Metal. Befitting its sound and overall aura nothing… Continue Reading →

Bron – Where Leaden Dawn Meets Iron Shores (Wolfspell)

One man atmospheric black metal band Bron from Edinburgh via New Zealand have release quite a few things digitally but this is a classy digipak CD from those nice Wolfspell people of his late 2017 album. It’s long too, three… Continue Reading →

Haar / Ur Draugr split (ATMF)

This is an interesting split album, comprising three tracks from Scotland’s Haar and the Australian black metal band Ur Draugr. This comes on the back of 2015 album releases by both bands. I didn’t know either band before this, but… Continue Reading →

Krawwl & Barshasketh – Split (Human Jigsaw)

Is that what the human brain looks like on the cover, well it might be after putting it through the paces of listening to the first band on this split release Krawwl [7] from Ireland. Luckily I have had an… Continue Reading →

Agael – Trost (Naturmacht Productions)

German one man black metal project releasing his second album of melancholic dark splendour which is adorned with what I felt was a bizarre if thought provoking cover art, showing the cosmos and a baby being held in arms up… Continue Reading →

Caina, Hordes, Barshasketh – London Unicorn 6/9/13

An interesting line-up as ever put on completely free at the Unicorn saw many heading out of the centre of Camden and trooping up the hill looking for some bleak and black extremity. First up were Barshasketh all the way… Continue Reading →

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