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Amorphis – Queen Of Time (Nuclear Blast)

It’s been three years since last studio album ‘Under The Red Cloud’ stormily hit in 2015 making my album of the year in the process and I was quick to call dibs on this keen to hear whether it would… Continue Reading →

Barren Earth – A Complex Of Cages (Century Media)

It doesn’t seem like it’s already been 3 years since they released ‘On Lonely Towers’, but that could be more about the fact that for some reason or other I tend to leave my Barren Earth discography on the USB… Continue Reading →

Hamferð – Támsins likam (Metal Blade)

Hamferð are a Faroese doom band, a sextet which means with all the other bands and artists currently sailing forth from those tiny islands most of the population is in a band. Actually judging from what I’ve read of them,… Continue Reading →

Insomnium, Barren Earth & Wolfheart – London Islington Academy 18/1/17

Ok who stole the bastard pub? The Wetherspoons above the venue has vanished since I was last at the Islington Academy! Luckily there are others down the road and back at the Academy the queue is snaking right round the… Continue Reading →

Woebegone Obscured – Deathscape MMXIV (Solitude)

This EP from Danish funeral-doomsters Woebegone Obscured snuck out at the tail-end of last year, and following on from their 2 full-length releases ‘Deathstination’ and ‘Marrow Of Dreams’, it perfectly showcases the bands fusion of doomy riffs and melancholic ambience,… Continue Reading →

Kuolemanlaakso – Musta Aurinko Nousee (Svart)

Following up their 2012 début album ‘Uljas Uusi Maailma’ with the 4 track EP ‘Musta Aurinko Nousee’, Finnish quintet Kuolemanlaakso (Finnish for “Death Valley”) comprising of founder and guitarist/keyboardist and main songwriter Laakso (Chaosweaver), vocalist Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun, Barren… Continue Reading →

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