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Bal Sagoth

Keys Of Orthanc – A Battle In The Dark Lands Of The Eye… (Naturmacht)

I’m going to go ahead and be completely self-indulgent for a moment. When I get to review a second release from an artist in a row it really fills me with a sense of joy. As if I’m a part… Continue Reading →

Sellsword – Unto The Breach (S/R)

Well if Andy Barker can do a black metal review, I can do a power metal review. Especially when it’s the Jorvik miscreant mercenary troop known as Sellsword. If you don’t know their name, then come close and listen. They… Continue Reading →

Kull – Exile (Black Lion)

So when is a new band not a new band? Well, if you weren’t already aware, when you’re Bal Sagoth, your singer/lyricist/founder decides you’re not so much done as on a frustrating indefinite hold as ‘the hexology is finished’, he… Continue Reading →

Esoctrilihum – Pandaemorthium (Forbidden Formulas To Awaken The Blind Sovereigns Of Nothingness) (I, Voidhanger

Recently I have found myself divulging more in reading, albeit non-fiction, however I have been investigating fictional books to digest. One of my top must read tomes is H.P. Lovecraft’s complete Cthulhu Mythos, the combined works of the master of… Continue Reading →

Atorc – Seven Tales Of Swords And Ale (S/R)

My Warhorns connection continues it seems. Typically though I missed Atorc when they played last year, and though they didn’t play this year I’m sure I spotted one of them. Wrong way round as usual. Anyway as the title of… Continue Reading →

Black Messiah – Walls Of Vanaheim (Trollzorn)

Black Messiah are no strangers to the Metal scene and with their seventh studio release this most Nordic of German Metal bands continues it’s epic story with…an epic story! It’s a very involved piece of work all about Odin and… Continue Reading →

VIII – Decathexis (Third I Rex)

So obscure is the artwork and sleeve of this album that unless I’d been told in advance, I would have struggled to work out that this is the second album by VIII from Sardinia. The listening experience is entirely different,… Continue Reading →

Syn Ze Șase Tri – Stăpîn Peste Stăpîni (Code666)

I missed the first two parts of this trio of releases from Romanian blackened power metal thrashers Syn Ze Șase Tri so the big question was always going to be: would I be stirred into checking out the first two… Continue Reading →

Black Messiah – Heimweh (AFM)

Unless my one school-year of German fails me, “Heimweh” means Homesickness. Or maybe Nostalgia…actually, I’m sorry, it did fail me – I Googled it like everyone else will! No surprise though – in a whole year of study, all I… Continue Reading →

Garth Arum – The Dawn of a New Creation (Satanath Records)

The sleeve artwork suggests a multi-coloured fantasy, so it’s no surprise that it starts with the soothing tone of the harp. “It all” however is too prosaic a way to describe this “deep voyage towards the inner self”, which is… Continue Reading →

Zemial – Nykta (Hells Headbangers)

Greek black metal may have played second fiddle to some of its Nordic counterparts over the years but there is no doubt these days it has proved itself to be as vibrant as any other country. Zemial – a brilliant… Continue Reading →

Warseid – Where Fate Lies Unbound (SR)

Some people like to be noticed and considering the large, hideously expensive to post box file that this CD and bio arrived in Warseid are amongst them. The CD also sported a cover and insert whose quality puts quite a… Continue Reading →

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