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Witches Of Doom – Funeral Radio (My Kingdom Music)

Italian Metal band Witches Of Doom certainly have a difficult sound to pin down. The name suggests maybe an Electric Wizard style Doom, maybe a St. Vitus style, or at the very least an orange-amped fuzz-laden retro outfit, but Witches… Continue Reading →

Sleep Of Monsters – II: Poison Garden (Svart)

Sleep Of Monsters first album hit me so hard from out of nowhere that I’m still recovering from it and the album shares a place with Warning’s ‘Watching From A Distance’ as music that can still break me. Second time… Continue Reading →

The House of Capricorn – Morning Star Rise (Svart)

New Zealand based blackened doom merchants, The House of Capricorn bring an interesting offering to the altar with their occult heavy third full length album. With an ominous feeling that the end is looming, they mix the atmospheric nature of… Continue Reading →

Kissin’ Black – Heart Over Head (Motor Entertainment)

On an ever increasing journey to birth new genres and experiences, our beloved Metal has spawned another new one – Dark Country Rock/Metal. Yep! Here it is, playing away merrily like it doesn’t have a care in the world, razzing… Continue Reading →

Sleep Of Monsters – Produces Reason (Svart)

”The Sleep Of Monsters Produces Reason’ is a painting by Goya: As places to start that is a good one for new Finnish band Sleep Of Monsters and their dense, obscure, esoteric world but hugely accessible sound. Go take a… Continue Reading →

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