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Azaghal – Valo Pohjoisesta (Immortal Frost Productions)

The Finnish black metal scene continues to spawn some the most abrasive bands out there, resisting the temptation to incorporate epic choirs, orchestras and keyboards, instead focussing on gnarly aggression. Azaghal are one of that flourishing scene, and by my… Continue Reading →

Morketida – Panphage Mysticism (Werewolf Records)

Finnish black metal has been living in the shadow of its more illustrious Norwegian counterparts for many years, but make no mistake about it, the Finnish scene is thriving and has spawned some of the nastiest black metal on offer… Continue Reading →

Ars Veneficium – The Reign Of The Infernal King (Immortal Frost)

I remembered this lot from their debut EP The Abyss a couple of years back so wondered how the Flemish Filthsters as I had termed them had progressed. It would seem the Belgium mob have been fairly busy since it… Continue Reading →

Oath – Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta (Immortal Frost)

Occasionally when black metal bands progress or step away from the confines of their genre to widen their sound, the results can often be exhilarating, and by the same token, there are bands who just wanna party like it’s the… Continue Reading →

Wyrd – Death of the Sun (Moribund)

Wyrd are probably best known for their very ethereal take on pagan black metal which was exemplified on earlier albums and very much excelled at. Heathen and Huldrafolk and the three albums that followed are pretty much bona fide classics… Continue Reading →

Azaghal and Oath – Split (Immortal Frost Productions)

In days gone by when the black metal scenes were more or less at war with each other I always felt that in that battle of sonic diablerie the Finnish bands would come out on top due to their uncompromising… Continue Reading →

Azaghal – Nemesis

Artist: Azaghal Title: Nemesis Type: Album Label: Moribund Records At what point do you eventually use a band as an influence point when making comparisons? Finland’s Azaghal has been releasing top quality black metal for over decade and this release… Continue Reading →

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