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Arkheth - 12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew (Transcending Obscurity)

Arkheth – 12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew (Transcending Obscurity)

Arkheth is not the most productive band in the world. Having released its debut album in 2003 and a successor in 2010, they took another eight years to come up with “12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew”. The new album marks a new era.. Read More
Fleurety – The White Death (Peaceville)

Fleurety – The White Death (Peaceville)

Bloody hell you wait 17 years for a Fleurety album and 2 come along in the space of months. Fair enough ‘Inquietum’ which you can read all about elsewhere on these pages is strictly a compilation featuring 4 singles released between 2009-2017 but ‘The White.. Read More
Fleurety – Inquietum (Aesthetic Death)

Fleurety – Inquietum (Aesthetic Death)

I have had a bit of an infatuation with Fleurety ever since hearing their incredibly weird and breath-taking 1995 album Min tid Skal Komme. It subverted genre within the black metal world that I had come to love from Norway and was incredibly otherworldly and.. Read More
Atrox – Monocle (Dark Essence)

Atrox – Monocle (Dark Essence)

Avant-garde perfection cannot be rushed and it has been one hell of a long wait since last album Binocular from Atrox way back in 2008. They are still very much looking through a glass lens which could well see them working on a trilogy (what.. Read More
In Human Form - Opening of the Eye by the Death of I (I, Voidhanger)

In Human Form – Opening of the Eye by the Death of I (I, Voidhanger)

That’s one clunky album title but actually that’s Ok as this is one clunky album. Continuing on their everlasting quest to pick out the obscure and unfathomable, Italian label I, Voidhanger always manage to keep us on our toes and their latest trio of releases.. Read More
Selcouth – Heart Is The Star of Chaos (I, Voidhanger Records)

Selcouth – Heart Is The Star of Chaos (I, Voidhanger Records)

Selcouth apparently is an adjective, which means strange, unusual and wondrous. The band, which is a collective of musicians from Finland, France, Spain, Russia and Argentina, most certainly got their name right. What I sensed here was an avant-garde artistic project. That description possibly equates.. Read More
White Ward - Futility Report (Debemur Morti)

White Ward – Futility Report (Debemur Morti)

Well fuck me (Er..don’t actually. Pretty sure neither of us would enjoy it…), a PR sheet that speaks the truth! ‘A metallic version of Ulver’s Perdition City.. ‘ Yep, that’s it. Or a melodic death metal version at least. Now after I’d listened to this.. Read More
Lashblood - Unbeing (Aesthetic Death)

Lashblood – Unbeing (Aesthetic Death)

I’m always wary whenever I see term “avant-garde” applied to a band. This is the case with Russia’s Lashblood. It doesn’t take long on this follow-up to the band’s debut album “Philosophy of Self-Flagellation: Being and Nothing” (2012). A withering riff with a vocalist whose.. Read More
Todesstoß - Ebne Graun (I, Voidhanger)

Todesstoß – Ebne Graun (I, Voidhanger)

I have it on good authority that Todesstoß’s previous album “Hirngemeer” was deeply dark and disturbing. This single track follow-up from musician, poet and painter Martin Lang promises something “more hallucinatory and mysterious”. We are transported to a gloomy and deadly cavern. The sound of.. Read More
Code – Lost Signal (Agonia Records)

Code – Lost Signal (Agonia Records)

This six track EP comprises three re-worked pieces from the 2015 album “Mut” and one from each of the Londoners’ first three albums. What’s noticeable about the first track “On Blinding Larks” is its lingering nature. It hangs in the air along the lines of.. Read More
Ashenspire - Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary (Code666)

Ashenspire – Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary (Code666)

As a first review for 2017, I hope this is not a portent of the year itself and its intentions for me because this debut by Glasgow’s Ashenspire is a most awkward thing to review. Most awkward. As a debut you expect influences to be.. Read More
Stench Price - S/T (Transcending Obscurity)

Stench Price – S/T (Transcending Obscurity)

Avant-Garde Grind-Death…. Those are words I never imagined to see describing the sound of a band, but Stench Price have now brought that into the realms of reality. A truly international super-group of sorts, based out of Siberia for where this project’s brain child hails.. Read More