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Ava Inferi

Aura Noir – Aura Noire (Indie)

With a six year gap between albums one may have thought that Aura Noir had been (Hung) Out To Die but the trio are back like a waft of rotten air and that’s something I am more than happy about…. Continue Reading →

Earth Electric – Vol 1: Solar (Season Of Mist)

Blimey how time flies, was it really 4 years ago that Ava Inferi made the surprise decision to bow out at seemingly the top of their game? It would appear so and after 4 excellent albums it was certainly a… Continue Reading →

Nader Sadek – Living Flesh (Wienerworld)

There is a bit of a history to both this group and this release. Firstly this is a super-group of sorts put together by conceptual artist Nader Sadek who provides some vocals and samples as well as the ideas behind… Continue Reading →

Nader Sadek – Living Flesh (SR)

If ever there was an extreme metal “super-group”, this would be it. Nader Sadek produced the frankly stunning “In the Flesh” a couple of years ago, and this is the live presentation of that album. For those of you not… Continue Reading →

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