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Autokrator – Hammer of Heretics (Krucyator Productions)

What’s that racket? Oh yes, it must be the latest Autokrator release and boy have they turned things up a notch or two since last time round. When I say turned things up, of course, I don’t mean the bombastic… Continue Reading →

Tetragrammacide – Primal Incinerators Of Moral Matrix (Iron Bonehead)

Having experienced a couple of this Indian bands two releases in 2015 I can honestly say that they come close to holding the black crown of anti-music as the band vomits a debut full length onto this festering world we… Continue Reading →

N.K.V.D. – Totalitarian Industrial Oppression (Krucyator Productions)

Just looking at the title line this all sounds somewhat scary doesn’t it? Well it should do too, as anyone naming themselves after The Russian People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs is not someone you would want knocking at your door… Continue Reading →

Aum – Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum (Iron Bonehead Productions)

If you follow labels like I do then you’ll be well aware that anything coming out from Iron Bonehead is usually some of the filthiest diabolical music on the planet and here they do it again with the mysterious and… Continue Reading →

Dakhma – Passageways to Daena (The Concomitant Blessings of Putrescing Impurity) (Godz Of War Productions)

This debut from Swiss blackened death metallers Dakhma was released early in 2015 but has now got a physical release via a nice digipak format. Everything about this album is mammoth, the song titles, the production and the duration as… Continue Reading →

Autokrator – S/T + The Obedience To Authority (Third Eye Temple /Godz Ov War)

This rather nasty French act have only been around since 2014 and in that time have released 2 albums in quick succession. Both of them turned up for perusal here and I can’t say the experience has been particularly pleasant…. Continue Reading →

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