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Germ – Grief (Eisenwald)

Yes as far as germs are concerned this is probably the only one that is welcome as I am sitting coughing and spluttering away as I write this. Not that it is any less virulent when it comes to invading… Continue Reading →

Temple Nightside – Condemnation (Nuclear Winter Records)

“Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy” is what they call this. That’s Metal of Death rather then the genre, I’d say. This thoroughly blackened slab from Australia is as black as it gets – hissing prophets in blackened corridors of hopelessness and… Continue Reading →

Harakiri For The Sky – ST (Art Of Propaganda)

So cutting your stomach open and performing ritual suicide for the sky! Well it’s an interesting name adopted by this duo from Austria (and there are already four called Seppuku) so what of the actual music on this debut album?… Continue Reading →

Germ – Loss (Eisenwald)

Back around May I was literally bowled over by a debut album from Germ called ‘Wish.’ It is still very much on rotation and has not made it off the table where things get played rather than shelved, possibly never… Continue Reading →

Germ – Wish (Eisenwald)

Tim Yatras is the man behind Australian act Germ. You may not know him by that name but you should no doubt have heard of some of the versatile acts he has been involved in. Where to start? Well it’s… Continue Reading →

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