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Hermóðr – Hädanfärd (Wolfspell)

Swedish musician Rafn has been involved in no shortage of bands through his musical journey, from Abysmal Silence through Endless Woods and even with a bit of Sodomizing Christ going down. Hermóðr along with Mist and Deadlife seem to be… Continue Reading →

Time Lurker – S/T (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre)

Normally with anything related to black metal members do indeed “lurk”, hiding themselves behind initials, numerals or names from wizards, demons, or mythical figures. Not so here and it is actually kind of refreshing to welcome an artist from Strasbourg… Continue Reading →

None – S/T (Hypnotic Dirge)

It’s probably not surprising that there is little in the way of information available about a band called None. They don’t pop up in the normal places you would try and gather facts about everything from band members to releases,… Continue Reading →

ColdWorld – Autumn (Cold Dimensions)

Such are the constant requests for reviewing stuff digitally, I almost missed this one. It was only when people including the band Darkspace were talking about it on social media that I went and had a look and found the… Continue Reading →

Dynfari – Vegferð Tímans (Code 666)

‘‘Vegferð Tímans’ (‘Journey of Time’ in English) is the third full length album from this Icelandic atmospheric black metal duo, and a mighty release it is too. Yes folks, its atmospheric black metal time. Time to turn off the central… Continue Reading →

Vyrju – Black (Black Forest)

It’s black and on Black Forest Records, that should give you some idea what to expect in the way of pine scented glory from this EP. Hailing from Norway but also with further flung help which I shall get to… Continue Reading →

Siviyj Yar – From The Dead Villages, Darkness (Avantgarde)

Сивый Яр or to give them their more pronounceable name Sivyj Yar are a Russian outfit who have several releases including three albums prior to this, my first encounter with them. It would appear that everything we hear from them… Continue Reading →

Interview – Tim Yatras – Autumn’s Dawn

To say that Australian Tim Yatras who also at times goes by the name Sorrow has had a busy career would be an understatement. It’s pretty easy to lose count of the amount of bands and solo projects he has… Continue Reading →

Autumn’s Dawn – Gone (Eisenwald)

Hurrah it’s almost autumn, yeah piss off summer you had your turn and made us all hot, sticky and uncomfortable as well as spreading all your nasty allergies and dishing out some strange and severe weather of all sorts. Favourite… Continue Reading →

Austere – Withering Illusions And Desolation (Eisenwald)

Sorrow and Desolate are the names of the two players here coming from a land that really puts the downer in down under! You can tell this is not going to be a happy album but if you had already… Continue Reading →

Anomalie – Between The Light (Art Of Propaganda)

About a year ago I reviewed a debut album by Austrian group Harikiri For The Sky which was a shoe-gaze, ambient and Indie sounding take on post black metal. Marrok from that group and also Selbstentleibung has decided to pretty… Continue Reading →

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