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Morbidfest – I Am Morbid, Vital Remains, Atrocity, Sadist Manchester Rebellion 30/4/19

An evening of brutal death metal was on the cards tonight, and with a bill boasting 5 bands the doors to the Rebellion had opened amidst glorious sunshine to welcome the early birds to the bludgeoning that is no doubt… Continue Reading →

Atrocity – Okkult II (Massacre)

Being a classic or storied band can have its drawbacks, these usually rear their ugly heads in the later stages of a bands career where people hark back to the days of old and what the band were. This level… Continue Reading →

Leaves’ Eyes – Sign Of The Dragonhead (AFM Records)

So it finally arrives, the new album by symphonic metallers Leaves’ Eyes, prior to which we got an indication as to the future direction the band would take with the release of the “Fires In The North” EP released in… Continue Reading →

Leaves’ Eyes – Fires In The North (AFM)

I have to admit to very mixed feelings about reviewing this EP with new vocalist Elina Siirala in the ranks after the shock exit of Liv Kristine late last year. Rumours, whispers and various stories have done the rounds on… Continue Reading →

Leaves’ Eyes – King Of Kings (AFM)

Anyone who follows Ave Noctum’s reviews and those who know me know that I am a long life stalker, I mean fan, of all the work Liv Kristine has been involved in for over 20 years. I stand by the… Continue Reading →

Leaves Eyes, Pythia & Atrocity – London Garage 19/1/14

It’s generally quiet this time of year and after the mayhem of gigs in December it gives the much needed chance to refresh our batteries a bit. I couldn’t think of a much better band to see to start off… Continue Reading →

Another Destiny Project – Metodo Paranoico-Critico (SR)

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Pahor’s musical vision in very commendable indeed. He wants his project (that’s Another Destiny Project to you and me…) to be free in every sense. Free from boundaries, industry interference, greed, vanity, commerce – totally, and genuinely free…. Continue Reading →

Leaves’ Eyes – Symphonies Of The Night (Napalm)

So the symphonic metal delights of Leaves’ Eyes are once again upon us with this their fifth album combining practically everything that has been unleashed before and enhancing all the components to write and record an album that focuses centrally… Continue Reading →

Delain – Interlude (Napalm)

Maybe I should start by stating that Delain have done 3 full length albums to date. I really liked their debut – one of the best Gothic Metal albums of that year, I thought their second one had some good… Continue Reading →

Porta Nigra – Fin de Siècle (Debemur Morti)

These eclectic Germans came up in a random conversation in a pub a month ago, piquing my interest, so when this album arrived on my desk it felt as if fate were intervening. Porta Nigra are one of those rare… Continue Reading →

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