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Reaper – Unholy Nordic Noise (Iron Bonehead)

So, if there was to be a prize this year for the album title that most accurately described the music therein, it would be “Unholy Nordic Noise”. I like to think that the Swedish crew have just time-travelled in from… Continue Reading →

Venom Inc. – Ave (Nuclear Blast)

There’s a school of thought that a certain section of the metal community subscribe to that says “No Cronos, no Venom”.  You will no doubt have experienced this way of thinking in the sentiments of the “No Dave, no Van… Continue Reading →

Witchgrave – ST (High Roller Records)

‘The Devil’s Night’ EP was very much the first impression that anyone ever needed of this Swedish groups musical influences. The 2011 performance at London’s Live Evil festival was a mix of technical difficulties and sheer delight. This debut album… Continue Reading →

Eversin – Tears on the Face of God (My Kingdom Music)

With a portfolio of three albums, one of them under their previous name of Fuoco Fatuo, I would expect a certain proficiency and direction from the Sicilian band Eversin. “Tears on the Face of God” indeed is a work born… Continue Reading →

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