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The Negative Bias – Narcissus Rising (ATMF)

I admire all attempts to evolve black metal – but appreciate that sometimes, the harder you try, the more unblack metal it’s gunna sound. That’s just the way it is. So, for example, there’s a big difference experimenting within the… Continue Reading →

Titaan – Kadingir (ATMF)

Titaan’s ambitious debut is one of those releases that leaves me wondering what on earth else there is lurking between the cracks in the extreme music scene. On the one hand, it’s always an impressive risk when a band reaches… Continue Reading →

Animus Mortis – Testimonia (ATMF)

It’s been a while – over six years – since Animus Mortis released their debut album ‘Atrabilis (Residues from Verb & Flesh)’ and much has changed within the black metal scene since then. Despite this, Animus Mortis’s music has always… Continue Reading →

Coil Commemorate Enslave – L’Infinita Vanità Del Tutto (ATMF)

Taking the poetry of Giovanni Pascoli as narrative muse these oddly named Italians are off in search of the infinite vanity of everything on their debut album here. Calling the actual band vain would be completely wrong however as they… Continue Reading →

Absentia Lunae – Vorwarts (ATMF)

Authors of two previous albums, Italy’s Absentia Lunae (AL for this review) have been haunting the black metal scene since 2002. Album number three, ‘Vorwarts’ – apparently meaning “forward, never look back” – is my introduction to the band. Where… Continue Reading →

Nova – Il Ritorno (ATMF)

This one almost got overlooked and it would have been a shame if it did as it is really rather good. The problem is that information other than what we have been told on the press release is impossible to… Continue Reading →

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