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Rainbowlicker – I Saw The Light But Turned It Off (Svart)

Both the project name (a duo is not a band surely) and the title of the album grabbed me by the beard hair and span me round when I first heard the prom at the arse end of 2016.  After… Continue Reading →

It’s Everyone Else – Heaven Is An Empty Room (Noise Appeal Records)

Hailing from Ljubljana in Slovenia the duo of Pika Golob and Lucijan Prelog describe themselves as “Too hardcore for the electro kids, too electro for the hardcore kids.” This may prove a bit of a quandary for some listeners but… Continue Reading →

Shining – One One One (Indie)

If you walk into a record store, that is if you are lucky enough to have one in this day and age, wander over to the metal section; assuming that is if the staff have put this album in that… Continue Reading →

Blutmond – The Revolution Is Dead (Code 666)

Despite what I wrongly thought the Swiss have actually had their fair share of revolutions and had a short but humdinger of one in 1847 which led to the country becoming a federal state. Anyway before I start doing more… Continue Reading →

Junkie Kut – The Hierarchy Enslaving You (Unrepresented Music)

Ah my friends, this is music to dance to, a wardance, indeed! Junkie Kut is an odd name and is of an artist who dabbles in high electronic psalms, forged for the disenfranchised and downtrodden in society. This is music… Continue Reading →

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