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Himmellegeme – Myth of Earth (Karisma Records)

Psych rock and atmospheric prog rock are at the heart of this album from Norwegian band Himmellegeme, so it’s not surprising to see the points of reference as Sigur Rós, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. To make this work,… Continue Reading →

Monkey3 – Astra Symmetry (Napalm)

An eastern drone, and the sound of the sitar and tabla precede a whispered chant. The drum steps up in tribal fashion. Now this is different. Monkey3 in fact are from Switzerland and describe “Astra Symmetry” as our “magic carpet… Continue Reading →

Blaak Heat – Shifting Mirrors (Svart)

I can’t recall an album where the opening has cried out “prog!” to me in such a way as this one. But this is a prog which winds along regressively as well as progressively with a 70s hard rock fuzz… Continue Reading →

Sacri Monti – S/T (Tee Pee)

There’s been a lot of retro rock, doom rock, occult rock of late (call it what you want) and apart from The Riddles, not many bands have picked up the psychedelic tag. This American band from California really keep the… Continue Reading →

John Bassett – Unearth (Stereohead Records)

On the same day that I received this album to review, I read in one of those quirky surveys you find in the Metro free newspaper that Hastings is the place in the UK where the residents are the most… Continue Reading →

King Bathmat – Overcoming the Monster (Stereohead Records)

In the world of psychedelic and imaginative progressive rock, King Bathmat reigns supreme. That was the conclusion I reached after listening to “Truth Button”. Now, 6 months later, this English quartet is back with “Overcoming the Monster”. The monster, to… Continue Reading →

King Bathmat – Truth Button (Stereohead Records)

I go along with the commonly held view that King Bathmat are impossible to place in one single category other than the all-embracing “progressive”. Their music is comfortingly familiar. “Truth Button”, King Bathmat’s sixth album, is like a relaxing river… Continue Reading →

Diagonal – The Second Mechanism (Rise Above)

Diagonal released a self-titled album in 2008. Then after a gap and line-up changes, the new Diagonal emerged. This Brighton-based prog band is responsible for “The Second Mechanism” and let me tell you, it is as full of ideas and… Continue Reading →

Godbless Thee, Mooseheart – The Prison, Pt 1 (SR)

“The world is nothing”, it is announced in the introductory part of this four part concept album about a boy’s childhood anguished development. The creator of this progressive rock work is Brent Vallefuoco, the 17 year old guitarist of a… Continue Reading →

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