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Devilish Impressions – Postmortem Whispering Crows (Non Serviam)

This three-track EP came with a mountain of accompanying information which I dutifully read. It seems like insecurity to me, and I don’t know why because Devilish Impressions have been upping their game since 2000, evolving their style of symphonic… Continue Reading →

Laster – Het Wassen Oog (Prophecy)

Laster, who originate from Utrecht in the Netherlands, are an interesting band. Atmospheric black metal is probably the most mundane description of their music. It is said to have come with elements of avant-garde, post-and jazz rock, art pop and… Continue Reading →

Devilish Impressions – The I (Lifeforce Records)

Luckily I’ve been following Devilish Impressions for long enough that I can ignore the publicity behind their fourth album release. Can somebody explain to me how “The I” is “a phonetic acronym of the band’s name”? Such contrived nonsense suggests… Continue Reading →

Selcouth – Heart Is The Star of Chaos (I, Voidhanger Records)

Selcouth apparently is an adjective, which means strange, unusual and wondrous. The band, which is a collective of musicians from Finland, France, Spain, Russia and Argentina, most certainly got their name right. What I sensed here was an avant-garde artistic… Continue Reading →

Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind of Light (I, Voidhanger)

Locust Leaves have an “ecumenical vision of metal”, whatever that means. In fact when I read the following statement, I realised it was time to stop reading and start listening: “A voice, a final utterance of a vague, illogical, recurring… Continue Reading →

Interview – Devilish Impressions

  Poland has a rich history of blackened death metal bands. Devilish Impressions was formed in 2000, since when they have been enhancing the genre with atmospheric and symphonic elements. As a follow-up to the band’s third album “Simulacra” in… Continue Reading →

Devilish Impressions – Adventvs / Eritis Sicut Deus (S/R)

This EP from Devilish Impressions is special. Following their third album “Simulacra” (2012), they have released this 62 minute epic comprising two new tracks and their 2002 demo “Eritis Sicut Deus”. The re-release of ‘Eritis Sicut Deus” is not before… Continue Reading →

Lilla Veneda – Diagnosis (SR)

Lilla Weneda is the name of a 19th century tragic drama about the invasion by the Lechians of the Wened tribe and is very significant in Polish history. The band Lilla Veneda from Wroclaw have taken on the spirit of… Continue Reading →

Devilish Impressions – Simulacra (Icaros/Lifeforce Records )

I shall start with a bit of history. If you want to read directly about “Simulacra”, please go to paragraph 4 as they say on forms. My first encounter with Devilish Impressions was on 13th June 2004. I met the… Continue Reading →

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