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Gurthang – Ascension (Immortal Frost)

Starting off as a one-man project playing blackened funeral doom Polish act Gurthang have come a long way since their inception back in 2010. 6 Albums on and now playing as a quintet, apparently they threw off the shackles of… Continue Reading →

Athanasia – The Order Of The Silver Compass (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records)

This is the début album by a trio of pretty accomplished musicians with a healthy résumé. Their logo and album cover definitely having roots in Caleb Bingham and Brandon Miller’s previous band Ascension. They are joined by veteran drummer Jason… Continue Reading →

Ascension – Under Ether (World Terror Committee)

In the words of Varg Vikernes “It has nothing to do with Satanism” which may well be true for a lot of Black Metal, particularly the earlier tones of for example Burzum. However that doesn’t mean that the shadow of… Continue Reading →

Amestigon – Thier (World Terror Committee)

Extreme music has long since transcended the standard four-guys-on-a-stage, dressed to impress and entertain for an hour or two on a Saturday night. Ok, maybe that Rubicon was crossed way back in the 1960s or 1970s – maybe even earlier,… Continue Reading →

Ascension – The Dead of the World (World Terror Committee)

I don’t think it would be exaggeration to state that this album has been much-anticipated in certain quarters. Storming onto the underground black metal scene in 2009 with their ferocious  EP ‘With Burning Tongue’, the Germans swiftly followed this up… Continue Reading →

Dysangelium – Leviaxxis (World Terror Committee)

Absolutely no messing about courtesy of a short, sharp three-track demo from this Germanic five-piece. To hell with intros or any of that sort of window-dressing – ‘Til Only The Light is Left’ races out of the gates in a… Continue Reading →

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