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Critical Solution – Barbara the Witch (Crime Records)

This is a very interesting album for a number of reasons. “Barbara the Witch is the so-called Horror Thrashers’ third album. It is a theme album based on a true story from their Norwegian home town in the 1600s. The… Continue Reading →

Funeral Marmoori – The Deer Woman (Minotauro)

When I pulled this disc out of its packaging I was instantly bewitched by its cover-art. The image attributed to Francesco Menicocci is really rather stunning in its grotesquery and just had me staring at it for ages. Reminding me… Continue Reading →

Seremonia – Seremonia (Svart Records)

This album is a mixture of musical traditions and cultures. Seremonia are from Finland and sing in Finnish but play 70s style psychedelic hard rock. The mysterious electronic opening belies what is to come. From the second track “Uhrisuhla” the… Continue Reading →

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