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The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous (Metal Blade)

The Black Dahlia Murder have been doing their thing since 2001. I’ve always liked their music but have somehow managed to miss them live, which is my doing not theirs because they’ve played in the UK umpteen times including UK… Continue Reading →

Arsis – Visitant (Agonia)

I personally feel that Melodic Death Metal is under some sort of constant attack, and in part I can understand that. In a lot of ways I view the genre as a sort of bridging gap between underground and mainstream… Continue Reading →

Interview – The Black Dahlia Murder

This is the last of several which was originally done for a printed publication. Due to production problems it never saw the light of day so is being published here for your enjoyment. Trevor Strnad, vocalist of melodic death metal… Continue Reading →

The Black Dahlia Murder – Nightbringers (Metal Blade)

The Black Dahlia Murder are a 5 piece from Detroit, Michigan and derive their name from the infamous, unsolved murder of Hollywood waitress Elizabeth Short, who was found murdered in a park in Los Angeles in January of 1947. The… Continue Reading →

Necromancing The Stone – Jewel of The Vile (Metal Blade)

I must start this review with a quick confession. I have lived and breathed metal music since the age of about 10, it has been a huge part of my life. But over the last few years I have had… Continue Reading →

The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal (Metal Blade)

This US hyper speed technical death metal outfit seems to divide the death metal fraternity when it comes to whether they are death metal or not as in the past I have seen the band labelled as metalcore which is… Continue Reading →

Arch Enemy – War Eternal (Century Media)

  There’s no denying the amazing impact and legacy Angela Gossow gave to the Metal world by rising to the challenge and seizing with angry clenched fists the opportunity to front Arch Enemy. She is and was a testament to… Continue Reading →

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