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Deep Red – Dario Argento (Arrow)

The last time I had the pleasure of watching Deep Red was just under a year ago at The Barbican with Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin providing a live soundtrack to the film You are never going to quite create an… Continue Reading →

What Have You Done To Solange? – Massimo Dallamano (Arrow)

It certainly wasn’t in the hope of getting a suntan but during the groovy early 70’s quite a few Italian giallo directors decided to pop over to London and use it as the backdrop to their murder mystery stories. Examples… Continue Reading →

Nekromantik 2 – Jörg Buttgereit (Arrow)

Please note images used to illustrate this article do not reflect the quality of the stunning transfer presented here by Arrow. Even when Arrow pulled off the unimaginable and released Nekromantik earlier this year the prospect of Nekromantik 2, its… Continue Reading →

Requiescant – Carlo Lizzani (Arrow)

Does anyone remember Moviedrome which was on BBC2 in the late 80’s early 90’s? It was hosted by Alex Cox who told us about what we were about to watch before the film was screened in the best possible form… Continue Reading →

The Black Cat – Lucio Fulci (Arrow)

Remember the time of the double bill at the cinema? Well Arrow no doubt do and have released this in a two film package along with Sergio Martino’s Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key… Continue Reading →

Eaten Alive – Tobe Hooper (Arrow)

Firstly just to clear up any confusion, there were two films doing the rounds on ye olde video shelves during that fondly remembered golden age, both called Eaten Alive and both starring Mel Ferrer. This is not the 1980 Umberto… Continue Reading →

Zardoz – John Boorman (Arrow)

The mid 70’s were a great time for experimentation and radical ideas and when you mixed dystopian fantasy and a shed load of psychedelic pharmaceuticals the results for film goers could often send them on a right old trip in… Continue Reading →

Madman – Joe Giannone (Arrow)

I wasn’t actually sure whether I had seen this 1982 movie back in the day prior to sitting down and watching Arrow’s brand new spanking hi-def upgrade of it. Not surprising really as there were more maniacs, madmen and mutilators… Continue Reading →

Nightmare City – Umberto Lenzi (Arrow)

This fun, goofball slice of pasta Pura with a side dish of tapas and enchiladas is a very welcome addition to the Blu-Ray family. It’s not come without its fair share of trials and tribulations though and you may well… Continue Reading →

The Happiness Of The Katakuris – Takashi Miike (Arrow)

Regular readers to these film reviews maybe shocked to know that this writer does NOT do Romcoms or Musicals! Of course there is always the odd exception to the rule and if for instance one is made that throws say… Continue Reading →

Milano Calibro 9 – Fernando Di Leo (Arrow)

It’s time to enter the gritty criminal underworld of Italian cinema courtesy of one of its principal innovators Fernando Di Leo. This is a time when men were rugged and ruthless, cops snapped at their heels like savage dogs and… Continue Reading →

Society – Brian Yuzna (Arrow)

They simply don’t make them like this anymore and horror films today on the whole really lack any creative spark being all too reliant on others ideas. That’s why we are inundated with remakes and re-imaginings with it being rare… Continue Reading →

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