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Schramm – Jorg Buttgereit (Arrow)

It’s odd how things become more acceptable as time goes by, especially in the film world where perhaps what occurs in real life makes the censorship of art seem less necessary. Still who would have thought that Jorg Buttgereit’s quartet… Continue Reading →

The Burning – Tony Maylam (Arrow)

Don’t look; he’ll see you. Don’t breathe; he’ll hear you. Don’t move; you’re dead!  That immortal line is the only real way to start this review of classic 1981 stalk and slasher The Burning. On announcement that Arrow were releasing… Continue Reading →

Tales Of Halloween – Various (Arrow)

Ye olde anthology horror film is the equivalent of the short story and something that has never completely gone out of fashion. It’s not as easy to deliver a shock when you have to do it in such a short… Continue Reading →

We Are The Flesh – Emiliano Rocha Minter (Arrow)

Mexico might not be the first place that you think of as a country prolific in making genre cinema. However with the high profile output of Guillermo del Toro whose career started with the excellent vampire flick Cronos in 1993… Continue Reading →

The Bloodstained Butterfly – Duccio Tessari (Arrow)

There’s little danger of running out of giallo film for release in this country such was the huge proliferation of them to flood Italy after the massive success of Dario Argento’s directorial full length feature The Bird With The Crystal… Continue Reading →

Microwave Massacre – Wayne Berwick (Arrow)

I bet those who grew up in the pre 90’s would shudder to think what life would be like without such basic necessities as the Internet and mobile phones. Those of us a bit older would have never even conceived… Continue Reading →

Satan’s Blade – L. Scott Castillo Jr. (Arrow)

I was intrigued about this one after seeing it pop up recently on a certain auction site due to a US release. I did recognise the rather good original cover art but don’t remember this 1982 film (released in 84)… Continue Reading →

The Zero Boys – Nico Mastorakis (Arrow)

“Kill Or Be Killed!” I clearly remember the cover art of 1986 feature by Greek director Nico Mastorakis lining the walls of ye olde video shop courtesy of Polygram who released it back in the day. I assumed I had… Continue Reading →

Bride Of Re-Animator – Brian Yuzna (Arrow)

Dead things coming back to life may well be all de-rigueur in the present time, drenching TV screams with the likes of Walking Dead and Z-Nation and films such as Pride And Prejudice And Zombies and the forthcoming World War… Continue Reading →

The Premonition – Robert Allen Schnitzer (Arrow)

Concluding Arrow’s American Horror Project box set we have another slice of strange nightmarish 70’s hysteria ‘The Premonition’ directed by Robert Allen Schnitzer in 1976. Naturally there are plenty of other films with this title and before giving it a… Continue Reading →

The Witch Who Came From The Sea – Matt Cimber (Arrow)

Dredging up more shipwrecked treasure Arrow have embarked upon a great new idea introducing us to some rare and forgotten gems of yesteryear under the ‘American Horror Project’ moniker. This film has been released as part 1 in a box… Continue Reading →

Five Dolls For An August Moon – Mario Bava (Arrow)

Another intriguing title full of mystery in itself, Five Dolls For An August Moon is not as well-known as a lot of other works from Mario Bava’s oeuvre. The 1970 feature never even got a look in on home video… Continue Reading →

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